Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sept. 25, 2006
Dear Family and Friends,

Crazy weekend! Friday, Maureen’s doctor called and said she had a low blood count and had to have it rechecked, so we went to the lab. Then he called and said to come in Saturday to the hospital as an “out” patient to get a blood transfusion. She was ok to be alone for a while so, that evening for a short while, I met friends at the Martini Bar to listen to the Holly Taylor and Eric Peter jazz duet. They are always excellent!! Saturday I took her in to the hospital, and they said it would be about 6-7 hours, Karen (a friend) stayed with her. As planned, I went to the annual Caldwell Park by the Sacramento River Arts and Crafts Fair with friends. They had some nice things there. I got three little things @ $5 each. I checked on Maureen on my way home.
I waited for her brother and sister to arrive from San Jose and they got here in time to go get her from the hospital. The blood really helped her to look and feel better. That evening they talked her in to going to Vicky’s house for a family BBQ. I was surprised she agreed. We ate, but left soon as she needed to rest.
The next day everyone came over here, and Ken fixed a big breakfast for all. Soon I had to leave for a baby shower of a friend)...it was 4 hours long! Great lunch and lots of friends from my former school to visit with. So much fun!
Then home for a fast bite and Jackie, Maureen’s niece, came to stay with her as I dashed off to a jazz concert. I heard the Joe Gilman Trio, another great show. He was the national jazz pianist champion in 2004.
Today, I’m trying to catch up and maybe even rest! Hope you are doing well!

Thought for the week:
Money: the stuff you use when you can’t find your credit cards.

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