Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Facebook no longer allows us to play scrabble online!
I was in the middle of three games when "they" shut us down!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Perfect Portland

Redding has had smokey skies for over 30 days now. This was due to fires caused by lightning strikes in the surrounding rural areas. So my trip to Portland where the skies were blue, clear and oh so fresh smelling was ah-mazing!

My trip was of course to visit my daughter, who is a speech therapist at a middle school there for the past two years. However, Portland has so much to offer, that each visit, I find new places to go and new wonderful things to see. (I do not however, visit in the raining season).

We have previously gone to the famous Rose Garden and the incredibly beautiful Japanese Garden (best one I’ve ever seen). So this time we went to see some lovely waterfalls. (A waterfall as magnificent and memorable as any in the country is located just a 30- minute drive outside of Portland. The winding road of the scenic highway will deliver you to Multnomah Falls while simultaneously captivating you along the way with breathtaking views of the Columbia River Gorge. Multnomah Falls is the second-tallest year-round waterfall in the nation. The water of the Falls drops 620 feet from its origin on Larch Mountain. Unusually cold weather can freeze the plummeting water into a majestic icesicle Visiting Multnomah Falls, a 611-foot-tall roaring, awe-inspiring cascade of icy water, lets you experience the power and beauty of nature up close and with ease.)

We also, visited Washington Park...a spacious outdoor park with miles of walking trails. We visited Hoyt Arboretum, a global garden in the wild where they grow and exhibit trees and plants from around the world.

Then we made our way to see the Pittock Mansion. It overlooks all of Portland. (The Pittock Mansion is a beautifully furnished turn-of-the-century home in Portland . The Pittock Mansion was once the home of Portland pioneer and owner of the Oregonian newspaper, Henry Pittock and his wife Georgiana. They had 6 chidlren and lived in the mansion, from 1914 - 1919. They moved into the mansion when they were elderly and they died just a few years after moving in.The house remained in the family until 1958 when one of the Pittock grandsons sold the house.The house fell into disrepair and at the threat of demolition, the citizens of Portland funded the site and restored the house to its former beauty.)

The second reason I came to Portland was to see James Taylor perform at the Clark County Amphitheater. We have good seats and I’ve always wanted to see him. What a fun show! It took me way back in time! Alison seemed to enjoy it too. She bought souvenirs for her friends: Jackie & James Taylor. (So I got to see two James Taylors). They came over one evening and a few other people to play Apples to Apples and Scrabble. Alison’s friend, Travis, won both games.

While there we also managed to make the obligatory trip to the awesome Powell’s Book Store. We had some nice meals, and went “back-to-school” shopping for Alison. What fun to be a tourist!

I am already planning my next trip...and looking for a musical event to attend.

thought of the day: "Why is it called 'tourist season,' if we can't shoot at them?"

Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekly Theme:

Hanging boats seen at the San Diego
Museumof Contemporatary Art.

Same boats...different angle.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Recently, my sisters and I had to go through
our late parents’ belongings. This is an
item we found among my father’s tools...
however, none of us could figure out what
it was. The narrow piece near the top moves
back and forth. Therefore, I hope one of you can.
What is that?

This is my photo of my former nephew’s
photo. It was taken in my mother-in-law’s
house, which everyone believed to be
haunted. So...we know what it is...what
do you think?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekly Theme: Support

I, like everyone, have had my share of life's
challenges and burdens to bear. So support
means to me... my friends, (these are just a few)
who have always been amazing and there for me.

My incredible sisters, who are always
available and constant in their love.

And of course, my two grown children,
who make it all worthwhile.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New Family Addition

(but don't call me Grandma)

My son Chris is the new parent of a 3
old "blue pit bull terrier".

Her name is D.O.G. (spelled out), but
for short it is "Ogee".

I'm not a "pit bull" fan, but I have to
admit, she is pretty cute. Chris has
already taught her to sit.

thought of the day: If you want to train your dog, take it to the railroad station.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Nephew Billy made me a holiday decoration!

Nice BBQ at Mary's!

Dick, Mike and Tim watching the
olympic trials.

thought for the day: It is never to late to have a happy childhood!

Friday, July 04, 2008

July 2nd & 3rd 2008

The Young and the Rest of Us

The young drive to Reno...the rest of us take the senior bus. Oh yes, I did! My first time to do this trip with my girlfriends. (My mother-in-law and father-in-law used to do this and we always laughed about it.)

Viv, Patty and Pris

Pris and Patty

Actually, it is very well organized. There are strict rules and procedures, assigned seats and time limits! We met the bus at 8:15 a.m., it was already fairly full of people from Red Bluff and Anderson. When the Redding folks were on, we had one last stop in Palo Cedro. Then we were head to Reno. On the bus there were bingo games with $ prizes.

There was a fast stop in Susanville at Burger King, order, and eat on the bus, with later, a trash can shoved up and down the aisles.

When we made our first stop in Reno...we received a $ voucher and a food discount voucher. We had lunch and hit the machines.

Viv at a roulette machine and Patty at slots.

After 3 hours there, we got back on the bus and went to the casino where we would spend the night. Our bags were already in our rooms. We freshened up some and headed downstairs for more gambling and dinner. Then we walked over to another casino to see the comedy act at Catch A Rising Star. We saw two comedians: Leif Skyving and John Bizarre. They were good and afterwards we even got a photo taken with them. Viv spoke Swedish to Leif Skyving.John Bizarre, Viv, Leif Skyving, Patty & me

Back at our casino more gambling fun...then off to bed as we had an 7:00 a.m.
baggage pickup. Needless to say, everyone was very tired the next day. But after some coffee...we were on the bus and off the bus again. This time for a 3 hour stop for breakfast and more gambling. This was a tough one as we were all so tired. Then off to Sparks, NV., where I finally got lucky after lunch. I won $82.00! Back on the bus and headed home! Now, there was no bingo, only many very tired people trying to catch a nap. Another, stop in Susanville for dinner and a long ride home. A lot of sound and sight overload, lack of sleep, too much to eat and drink, but believe me, it was a “HOOT!
Patty and Viv

Pris and Claudia

thought of the day: When I read about the evils of drinking...I gave up reading!

Weekly Theme: Pointed

As this is our Independence day, I chose
the American flag given to me at the
funeral of my late husband in 1994.
He served in the U.S. Army in Viet Nam
in 1967-1968. The stars are obviously, pointed.

This is just for fun...the Beatles (1965)
point out that it is pointless to not
enjoy life and be a little silly now and then.