Tuesday, September 21, 2010

State Of The Reunion

State of the Reunion

Junior high friends, Lynette, Linda, Ann and
me (Claudia) reunite for a wonderful
weekend in the Sacramento area.

First, three of us join together in Davis.
We had a great meal on the patio of the Bistro.

Next, we got a lovely room at the Hyatt.
Used AARP card for excellent deduction.

Nice "free" breakfast there the next morning.

We arrive at Ann's house.

Me taking photos, as usual.

Lovely weekend for spending time
on Ann's deck.

Ann has an incredible crafts room.

Ann taught Linda and me how to make
some jewelry. It was so much fun and
she had so many do-dads to work with.

Since Ann is so creative and artistic,
we enjoyed looking around her home.
Some of the following photos are of
things that are always in her house and
others she has added just for Halloween.

So much fun to see her many treasures.
Here are some of her photos of her trips
to "Burning Man".
A lovely orchid

Ann was so impressive with how she would
quickly whip-up a delicious meal for us.

Sunday, we went to the quaint historical
town of Placerville.

The store that was the most fun and
a bit quirky was the great hardware store.
We could have spend endless hours and
money in that store.

Town bell

painted door

Great lunch there in Placerville.

Of course, back at Ann's we again were treated
to a tasty barbecue.

Ann and her friend Jae.

Thanks for a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

AARP Conventions (Recap)

AARP Conventions (Recap)

This is for all who like to
make fun of us for attending.

Our picture was on their web page for a whole year!

We saw Rod Stewart. Our first convention
is Boston.

Jana Jacoby is a Redding gal who plays
with him.

Saw Tony Bennet.

Rocked out with these guys.

Wynonna performed in D.C. our second convention.

There we also saw Natalie Cole.

The group Chicago!

Paul Simon was a treat!

Third convention...Vegas Baby!

Gloria Estefen was electric.

Faith Hill put on a wonderful show.
Besides the performers, there are football field size
exhibit halls, and daily speakers to choose from.
Speakers such as: Regis Phibin, Maya Angelou,
Al Roker, Whoopi Goldberg, Shirley MacLain,
Judy Collins, Joan Rivers, Bob Newhart, and
some politicans among many others.

So now you may want to sing the following song!

This year's looks to be just as great!