Saturday, March 31, 2007

Alison’s Visit

My daughter, Alison, who is a speech therapist in a school district in Portland, Oregon recently spent her Spring Break here in Redding with me. John, her partner, also from Redding drove down with her. I joined them and his family for dinner at Market Street Steaks
(where my son, Chris is a bartender/server). Great dinner and pleasant company.

We also tried to cram in as many relatives and activities as possible--during the days. (In the evenings, John and Alison did their own thing with their friends.) In the day time, we took a walk at the Sundial Bridge, visited cousins and other family members, did some shopping
also helped me with some computer needs, we shared ideas, thoughts and many laughs.

As previously mentioned, spend time with a person under 30 and amazingly, they can give any computer problem an easy answer. So from now on my blog will look different and it will have “links”. Still trying to figure out how to make sure my photos are rotated correctly. Comment if you know the answer.

We also, went to see the musical CATS! At first the story line and words were difficult to understand, but then if began to make sense. The music and the dancing and
stage and props where amazing! Very professional!

New baby cousin, Melody, was still in hospital () and we were not able to see her. We were able to see the Norman’s twin boys and Vicky’s 1 year old son. Three year old Emma was at preschool, so we missed her.

Alison was continually exclaiming about the clear BLUE skies, and the warm sun. Apparently, (ha) Portland is not so blessed. Of course, in August, the coin may be flipped!

Thought of the week:
He who dies with the most toys, is nonetheless dead!


Friday, March 23, 2007


The first day of spring has come and here in northern California, we have had many incredibly gorgeous days which come close to perfection. So of course, many thoughts swirl around in my head and my “to do” list grows. Yes, enthusiastically I begin the spring rituals of outside and inside spring “cleaning”. My neighbor kicked off the outdoor process with a shared new fence between our properties. I then began to do the mandatory pulling (not putting as I mistyped in my previous entry) of the weeds. Next, came the planting of new flowers in my hanging pots (however, some of the flowers I want are not available yet). I also hope to purchase a few rose bushes, my brother-in-law said he would plant them for me. The patio furniture still needs to be cleaned and cushions put out, yet rain is forecast, so I’ll wait awhile. My new gardener has the yard looking pretty good!
The house spring cleaning includes clearing out the garage which means getting ready for a yard sale. Ugh, I do not like doing this one. Another job I have been putting off is washing the windows. I have, though, tackled the moving of winter clothes and summer clothes from one closet to another. Soon, I need to make an appointment to have the carpets cleaned!
But, the BEST part is enjoying the weather and not stressing about the “to do" list. Some things may not EVER get done (see March 21st entry). I like the longer days, they keeps me outside and busy instead of being sedentary in front of the computer or tv. I enjoy spending the time outside gardening, walking, reading or simply lying in the sun.
Wishing you all a wonderful spring! Get outside and enjoy!

thought of the week:
Reading whist sunbathing makes you well-red!

PS: photos--Chris & Sara make me Sunday breakfast
some of my new plants
one of my rock towers

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Monday, March 12, 2007

March 12, 2007

Hello all,

Spring is here!! The fragrance of sweet blossoms fill the air (aachoo) and petals flutter to the ground like snowflakes! I am, of course, loving the SUN.

Thursday past, I drove to Santa Clara to join Bonnie’s family at the viewing of an amazing school musical her daughter (Lauren) was performing in. The program was on Friday evening, but I had gone on Thursday in order to catch that evening an “old” friend’s jazz gig in the city. Mike, (Bonnie’s husband) also a jazz fan, went with me. It was fun to see him and listen to his wonderful jazz group.

Friday, was a workout at Bonnie’s ultra fancy club. As I am a Curves and treadmill gal, I had a little trouble with her machines. One I kept going backwards on, and one knocked off my glasses and then I fell off the seat backwards. Vicky, Ken and the kids arrived later that afternoon. That evening Mike prepared a great buffet for all before going to Lauren’s schools performance. The musical was not really like a school performance--more like a theatrical show put on by a children’s group. The stage settings were incredible.

Saturday, was a kick back day, Bonnie had to work at another performance. Vicky and I took the kids to the park. That evening we enjoyed an excellent Ahi tuna salad prepared by Mike. Sunday, after brunch I came home. So all in all a wonderful weekend. Thanks to great family.

His week I hope wash windows, to plant some flowers in the hanging pots on the patio and put some weeds. The weather is gorgeous so I want to spend some time reading outside.

thought of the week:
A hangover is the wrath of grapes.


Tom & Patty, sorry I didn’t see you, I’ll be back down in May.
Wanda, good to get your e-mail.
Diane, give Becky my best.
Bonnie and Mike, thank you so much. I had a wonderful time.
Lauren, I so enjoyed your great performance.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

March 3, 2007

Here we go again. I write as I listen to NPR’s “Wait, wait...don’t tell me.”
I HAVE WONDERFUL FRIENDS! I have to, because the last two weekends I have risen out of my warm, cozy, RETIREMENT bed at 6:30 a.m. to join one or two of them. The previous Saturday (2-24-07) morning I joined the gals for my first trip to the Mt. Shasta Ski Park. I’ve never skied, so I just went to sit in the lodge-- bar (enjoyed a couple of bloody marys), watched out the window, read a book and visited with the friendly people. It was beautiful with light snow coming down.
I think I’ll try it one spring day with no snow falling.
Today was the other early morning, as I joined Viv to be part of the community “book passing” from the old library to the brand new library. We stood in line for about three hours, passing books, enjoying the sunshine and visiting with nice people while listening to the amazing Cypress and Sequoia string students!! It was a BIG event as the TV news was there and a helicopter flew over head for a aerial photo. Afterwards, everyone went to the new library for the dedication and the open house. The new library is wonderful and so welcomed!
We also welcomed a new member of the Hastings family, my nephew Noah, has a daughter, Melody Evans.
She is a tiny ( 3lbs. 2oz.) baby, born early and will remain in the hospital for 4 or more weeks. My niece Vicky, is now a grandma!
I am planning a few trips this year. In September,
two more of my friends will retire and we have reservations for the Boston AARP festival. Don’t laugh,
it is suppose to be a really great fun vacation!! In June, I will join my sisters and daughter in San Diego to go through my parents things that are currently in storage. I hope to incorporate a trip to the Hollywood Bowl for the Playboy Jazz Festival. This coming week I’m headed to Santa Clara to be with family and see my niece in a school performance. I hope to also hear some jazz in the city (SF) when I’m down there.

thought of the week:
After a certain age, if you don’t wake up aching in every joint, you are probably dead.