Friday, March 23, 2007


The first day of spring has come and here in northern California, we have had many incredibly gorgeous days which come close to perfection. So of course, many thoughts swirl around in my head and my “to do” list grows. Yes, enthusiastically I begin the spring rituals of outside and inside spring “cleaning”. My neighbor kicked off the outdoor process with a shared new fence between our properties. I then began to do the mandatory pulling (not putting as I mistyped in my previous entry) of the weeds. Next, came the planting of new flowers in my hanging pots (however, some of the flowers I want are not available yet). I also hope to purchase a few rose bushes, my brother-in-law said he would plant them for me. The patio furniture still needs to be cleaned and cushions put out, yet rain is forecast, so I’ll wait awhile. My new gardener has the yard looking pretty good!
The house spring cleaning includes clearing out the garage which means getting ready for a yard sale. Ugh, I do not like doing this one. Another job I have been putting off is washing the windows. I have, though, tackled the moving of winter clothes and summer clothes from one closet to another. Soon, I need to make an appointment to have the carpets cleaned!
But, the BEST part is enjoying the weather and not stressing about the “to do" list. Some things may not EVER get done (see March 21st entry). I like the longer days, they keeps me outside and busy instead of being sedentary in front of the computer or tv. I enjoy spending the time outside gardening, walking, reading or simply lying in the sun.
Wishing you all a wonderful spring! Get outside and enjoy!

thought of the week:
Reading whist sunbathing makes you well-red!

PS: photos--Chris & Sara make me Sunday breakfast
some of my new plants
one of my rock towers

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caljeanie said...

I love your rock towers! I'm making some this weekend for my yard. I have some great rocks I brought back from my last trip to Lake Havasu to see my niece. Jean