Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sisters' Summer Trip 2010


June 17, 2010
My older sister, Pat, flew from San Diego to Sacramento where, she met up with my twin
sister, Clover, who had come from east Texas. They took the shuttle van to Redding and I met
them with a sign and balloons. (Unfortunately, there were "technical" problems with my camera and so the above is a later staged photo). That night since they had a full day of travel, we simply stayed at my house, had dinner, chatted, and watched some old Powers family videos. Experiencing again our great times with our wonderful parents. We are so fortunate to have had such a fun and loving family.

The next day I wanted to show them some of my favorite things about Redding. So I took them to The Sundial Bridge and Turtle Bay Arboretum, both amazing places to see and enjoy. (again, my camera fail me).

water information spot

willow structure

Interesting colored plant

turtle in Arbortitum

Then off to lunch, where my son, Chris, joined us, with a bouquet of flowers for each of us. It was near a camera shop, so I took in my camera...and discovered that I had forgotten to replace my memory card (it was still in my computer). Guess, I need a new memory card for MY old brain!
Chris and Pat

Clover and Chris

Home again, for a short rest before off to Chris' work, where he is a bartender, for a drink before dinner. Next, dinner at an outside patio where my favorite jazz duet was performing. Then, we still had time to go outdoor The Turtle Bay Cafe for a nightcap and more jazz from the dynamite trio of WE 3...Tony, Bruce and Cleveland. My sisters were very impressed by the quality of music here in Redding. Great local talent!!
Allison Scull and Victor Martin

Cleveland, Bruce and Tony

Saturday morning, we were preparing to leave on our trip when Chris brought his dog, Ogee, over to see his Aunts.

Eventually, we got started and we took in the lovely sights of Whiskeytown Lake. Then the scenery continued to thrill us as we drove west on 299 to the coast.

People rafting on the Trinity River.
Our first view on the ocean, every year I need my ocean fix.
Old Coast Guard building.

Arcata offered many lovely views.

Little River State Beach

Enjoyed the clouds at the sunset at a vista point.

Next day, (6-20-10) we drove to Patrick's Points.

Pat and Clover climbed "Wedding Rock".

Agate Beach
Clover looks for agates.
Our beautiful walk in the redwoods.

An elk (who would not turn around) was spotted
at Elk Meadow.
Interesting rock formations in the water as
we drove north.
Spent the night at Bandon with our room overlooking
the ocean. Slept to the sound of the waves.
Awoke to find a curious seagull watching us.
Clover goes for a closer look.
We joined Kendal (Don's sister) and her
dog for a walk on the beach. Very windy!
Bandon lighthouse.
Left the coast and drove on a lovely road over
to Portland. We were anxious to see Alison and
Cousin Jane arrived from North Dakota.

Amazing waterfalls near Portland.
Then we when downtown to Portland City Grille
for drinks and a wonderful view of the city and its
seven bridges.
After the drinks, we when to Sushi Go-Round
for dinner. Jane and Clover had never had sushi
before. One of my favorite places to eat in Portland.

A must see in Portland is the Rose Garden.
Nearby is a lovely Japanese Garden, but alas,
our time was limited.

Alison told us about the double and
occasion triple decked bicycles in town
and here we spotted one double decker.
While in Portland we were able to connect with
our cousin Jack (who lives in nearby Vancouver and
works in Portland at a hospital as a supervisor of
electricians). He joined us for a visit at the girl's hotel.
Sadly, Clover had to leave, but the rest of us gals
went to another Portland tourist sight...
Pittock Mansion.

It is way up on a hilltop with a view of all of Portland.
This is Mt. St. Helens.
This is Mt. Hood.
It has been restored to resemble the original.

Had to compare the two phones.
At some time, we also fit in a trip to the
famous Powell's Bookstore. (no photos)

All have left, but me. I went with Alison as
she bought tickets for the upcoming
Timbers' Soccer game.
Alison and I drive from Portland back to Redding.
This is a view of Mt. Shasta, from the north side.
An incredible time was had by all.