Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vegas Baby!


Vegas Baby!

On 10-21-09, the girls picked me up.
After the mandatory trip photo with sign,
we headed to the airport in Sacramento.

It happened to be Mary's birthday.
After stopping in Corning to get a card and
gift from her sister, her twin brother, Joseph,

and his wife met us with celebratory cupcakes.

Arriving in Las Vegas!
(Viv & Patty)

A stretch limo picks up passengers
at the airport. There was not enough
trunk space so they had to make do.

We took a shuttle bus and soon
arrived at our hotel, the Plazzao.

It was a huge, lovely ornate place.
Decorated beautifully for the fall season.

Viv, Patty (modeling clothes left in
our room) and Mary.

We had a suite on the 19th floor.

Just arrived and ready to settle in.

Views from our room.

We registered and collected our materials.
Then we signed up for next year's AARP

Orlando will be the site of the next
AARP Convention!

Scenes in the casino.

Our first dinner was at P.F. Chang's
in Planet Hollywood.

Some of the condiments.

We shared the dishes.
Patty taking her share.

My plate!

After dinner we walked the strip
and took in the sights.

The Bellagio's water show. The water
moved to the music of The Pink Panther.

Photos from inside Ceasar's Hotel
and Casino.

Day 2...
We grabbed some quick breakfast
and hurried to the opening session.
Patty carried her banana on her shoulder.

It was a long line as there were 9,000+ participants.

Keynote speakers: John Amos, George
Takei, Garry Marshall and his sister,Penny
Marshal spoke about The Golden Age of Television.

Garry Marshall and sister, Penny Marshall.

George Takei (of Star Trek)

John Amos, actor.

Some of us went on to other sessions, some
went to the exhibit hall, and some took a nap.
Then we joined together for dinner at
Wolfgang Puck's POSTRIO for dinner.
There we had a wonderful dinner before
the evening concert.

The evening concert was Gloria Estefan.

She was amazing and we gathered at
the stage edge to dance.

At the end, she invited Perez Hilton &
his mother (on the right) up on stage
to dance with her dancers.

Gloria was very friendly and shook
hands with the crowd. Viv, even got
a handshake.

Day 3...
We chose our own sessions to attend.
Viv and Mary got up early and went to
exercise with Martina Navratilova.
Although, I've been on Facebook for
over a year, I attended Facebook 101,
to see if there was something new to
learn. It was a huge class, so obviously,
the AARP crowd is now on Facebook,
much to the horror of our children.

We joined together later, to hear
travel reporter, Peter Greenberg speak.
He was very informative and an
excellent speaker.

Later, in the exhibit hall, Patty found
an inflatible cow at the Vermont,
Cabot cheese counter. She talked
them into giving her one of the cows.

Music instrument exhibit, got the crowd
involved is making music. Very fun!

More to see on way to dinner
at the Venetian.
While getting ready for dinner,
Viv and Mary told a funny story that
had us all in stitches!

Another wonderful dinner, this one
at Table 10, an Emeril restaurant.

After dinner we attended
The Blue Man Group Show.

It was a very funny and interesting show.

We had to wear plastic ponchos, as
we were in the second row.

The whole time we were afraid of what
would be coming towards us.

No cameras allowed so the above
were some photos of a preview of
the show.

After the show.

Next day we decided to get outside again,
view more of the strip.

At Treasure Island

Buildings in the front are part of the
old Vegas.

It is ok to walk around town with
alcoholic drinks.

You don't find these in Redding.

Fun statue.

A real person statue.

Buying tickets for the monorail ride.

Dancing with the Stars performers.
Professional Anna and actor, Steve

Professional dancer, Jonathan, and
actress, Jane Seymour.

The closing session was Al Roker.
He spoke on the power of family
in a comedic way. Very enjoyable.

The final concert was by singer, Faith Hill.
Very fun, great singer, wide range of genres.

And finally...

Can't wait for the AARP Convention of 2010!