Saturday, May 26, 2007

Summer Arrives!!

(I still can't get the photos in order...good luck matching them to the text!) May brings forth many activities. Though I did not attend the rodeo or parade, it was fun to see the huge Clydesdale horses getting washed at the parking lot of the Sundial Bridge. Last Saturday (5-19) was my first time to attend the Anderson Rock and Gem show. Very impressive, though a little overwhelming, due to the vast amount to see. However, I never heard any “rock music” or met anyone named “Jim”.
Viv joined our monthly gathering of Evergreen retirees. I prepared Mike Clow’s Ahi Tuna Salad and everyone was pleased with the results. Always good to
catch up--all are very busy enjoy themselves.
Memorial Day weekend, I drove to Chico to spend the day with a new guy friend who lives there. He is a photographer, so we hiked in Upper Bidwell Park and took photos--which was very enjoyable. I was once again captivated by the beauty there. We drove through Chico, seeing some of the newest changes since I left years ago. Later, we ate a burger, had a beer and played pool at the Oasis, where I used to work. Floods of memories came back from my previous years living in Chico. It was a pleasant day.
The remainder of the three day weekend will be in another blog, as it is difficult to add very many photos to
each entry.

thought of the week:
Reality. TV. Two more reasons to read!


Friday, May 18, 2007

Good Times!

Yes, a lot of fun times lately. The annual “Old Shasta Arts and Crafts Fair” on Saturday, May 12th with friends.
Bought more than I needed to. Sunday, Mother’s Day began with an incredible brunch at “Market Street Steaks” out on the patio. Chris and I, his friend Matt and his mom, all enjoyed at wonderful meal on a beautiful day! The guys even brought roses for both of us. Early afternoon, I attended the symphony with my girlfriend. It was amazing and very enjoyable. In the evening, I joined family at Vicky’s for a great BBQ. Silly me, I didn’t take photos of two of the mom’s there (sorry Desiree and Vicky).
Next day, I headed down to Santa Clara to stay with my niece’s family. The kids were so much fun! Bonnie, had invited me to join her for a “Women Series” lecture by Jamie Lee Curtis. She was very amusing! We shared a lot of good meals and her husband, Mike, showed me how to make an incredible grilled tuna steak salad! While down there, I also was able to see other family members: Patty & Tom & Jeff, (sorry forgot to get their photo), Alfonso and Peter. Sorry...I can't seem to get the pictures in a sequential order!

thought of the week:
I’m retired, go around me