Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer Fun

I hope you are enjoying your summer time and your vacations. I have been having a wonderful time. One of the best times has been kayaking with friends on Whiskeytown Lake (in spite of the fact that I sprained my wrist which was extremely painful while paddling). Music, of course,
has been enjoyed at several venues, from downtown Redding Marketfest, the Turtle Bay Cafe (music by the Sundial Bridge), to music festival in the Dunsmir Park (a lovely setting by the river).

Food, absolutely, is part of the enjoyment of summer. What can be better than barbecue fresh caught salmon? Besides my standard stir fry, there have been several luncheons. The Oregon Street Tea Company was a fun new place, but NOT for the dieter!! We also indulged in “snacks” at our “weekly” scrabble games!

Yes, I still am going to Curves and walking the Sundial Trail!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007


The intersection of art, nature and horticulture is the ancient Chinese art form, Penjing. They are marvelous miniature landscapes that capture that country’s soaring mountains and unique greenery. These amazing landscapes are currently on display at Turtle Bay’s arboretum. Viv and I recently discovered them on an early morning beat the heat walk. They are like magical little lands. So if you live in the area -- you should check them out. I believe they will be there until October. Gosh, I sound like an advertisement, you think I could get a pay check?

Around the World in 30 minutes

Friday evening the Turtle Bay Museum had an event to kick off their “Hungry World” exhibit. It began with a photo tour of incredible pictures of families from all around the world. The posed with the food which the family would normally consume in one week. The families and their food were also described. It was totally fascinating -- as some eat simply to live and we in America eat also for pleasure. Some countries had western products, the most common was pepsi!

Later, we sampled food from different countries. It was my first experience with sushi and wasabi, so I had quite an experience--as my head burst into flames and cracked wide open! Actually, in a small amount it would be quite good. Also good was the Mexican Mole’ and a South American red pepper cracker spread. Oh, and I mustn’t forget the Cuban mojito, which we enjoyed as we watched the dancing demonstrations from different countries.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

112 Degrees!!

Well, this IS Redding, CA on July 4th! However, just coming back from San Diego -- it is an adjustment. Luckily, I got up early and fed and sprayed the roses, and did my treadmill before the heat got unbearable. Thank goodness, my nephew, Norman (with Ruthie and twins) came by and hung my new shade screen, it definitely helps! Unfortunately, I forgot to get out my camera. Later, I did remember when Ken, Vicky and the kids came by. So I quickly put together a July 4th treat of strawberries, blueberries and vanilla ice cream with an American flag in each. I also pulled out some silly glasses. So all and all a pleasant day.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Chapter 4 S.D.

Despite the many hassles and difficulties, we had some great group cooked meals, listened to some music, watched some videos and played some games. Does any one remember when I said I wasn’t going to take anything? Well, I believe that I am having 11 boxes sent home!!

Chapter 3

To relax, we agree to have a day off and spend Friday on Coronado Island. We visit a shopping plaza first, and then have an incredible lunch over looking the ocean.

Chapter 2

As the days go on -- our muscles get sore and our tempers get short. However, for the most part, we held it together and hung-in. Some goofiness did occur as we tried on some of the old clothes. But, as the week grew short, we came to a stop on the storage unit. There are still the boxes of papers and personal items that are in my sister’s garage, which we must put off for another year, as they will not be sold and our time and energy were limited.

Chapter 1
San Diego

On June 20th, Alison and I joined my sisters -- Clover (from Texas) and Pat (San Diego). First, we were joined by Don, (Pat’s husband) for a tastily Mexican restaurant dinner on a patio, before facing the task at hand. We had come to attempt to clean out our parents’ storage unit, 62 years of memories and belongings. It was daunting to say the least. Old stories and tears flowed abundantly. Each day we arrived early at the storage unit, lifting a sofa bed away from the doorway to enter. We worked our way towards the back slowly, pulling out boxes to take fill two vehicles and take back to the house to go through, item by item! Marking the ones we wanted and then drawing straws for the ones marked by more than one. Later, returning the remaining items to be sold, the next day. Finally, after the boxes had been gone through, we had bids on the remaining boxes and furniture in the storage unit. So many years, so many memories, and not much value today!