Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Beat Goes On...

My brother-in-law, Jim, came over and finished planting my new rose bushes, now I have eleven. As they are still new and small, the photo is of one of my older favorite bush, Rio Samba. As Vicky came with him, I gave her the patio chairs I had painted for fun for her backyard. (My own contribution to their “backyard makeover”). Later, that evening, she invited me to dinner and we played hide and go seek with the kids.

Friday evening, I attended a “Music & Wine Tasting”
fund raiser at Turtle Bay for my friend’s former school district. Great wine, hors d’oeuvres, jazz music and NO
kids now THAT is what I call a school activity! On our way home we snuck around in the dark putting up “yard sale” signs for Viv’s sale.

EARLY Saturday morning I arrived at Viv’s to help with her sale as she had done with mine the Saturday before.
The weather for mine had been cold and rainy, hers was hot and sunny. I guess that is spring in Redding.

After the sale and a nap I met a friend for “Hot Flashes, the Musical” at the Cascade theatre. It was sold out and had about 10 rows full of ladies from the Red Hat Society. The musical was really clever and funny! They used famous songs with different lyrics. Some examples were: I am woman, hear me snore,
Agin’ (to the tune of Truckin’), I will not Age (to the tune of I will Survive, In the Nude (to the tune of In the Mood), and several originals. There was a drawing after intermission and I won a “Hot Flashes” t-shirt. Afterwards, I stopped in to say good-bye to Chris, who bartends near by and ended up sitting with his friend Sara and her girlfriends. I felt like “THE YOUNG AND THE REST OF US”!

Friday, April 20, 2007

April 22 is Earth Day!

I am doing my part: reusable cloth grocery bags,
a garage sale (recycle and reuse), and I’ve put in
many eco-friendly light bulbs, and I am using the
clothes line. I hope you are doing
your part too. Love your mother (Earth)!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

2007 Redding Jazz Festival

I’ve lived in Redding for 32 or more years and this is the first time I have attend the annual Jazz Festival. Actually, there were a few years that is was suspended, but that is neither here or there.

It began at 3:00 on Friday afternoon, with local Redding jazz groups that I know well. I stayed for about four hours. I spent
about four more hours on Saturdayand again on Sunday. The music those days was more of a variety: dixieland, cajun, zydeco, rag time, blues, boogie woogie, big band, swing, and one group even threw in a waltz and lullaby.

What fun it was with heads a-bobbin’ and feet a-tappin’ ! The crowd was a “hoot”,
most in their 70’s and 80’s, many dressed in period clothes (women with beaded and flapper dresses wearing mardi gras beads and carrying parasols, men with spectator shoes, hats, some loaded with special jazz festival pins). An amazing sight, it was most surrealistic to see them out on the dance floor, especially when the waltz was all of a sudden played! A dance club from Eureka was there and really added to the viewing enjoyment. If that wasn’t enough to take in, there was a flamboyant lady calling herself “The Delta Queen” who danced up and down the aisles throwing out New Orleans beads. Then she’d change into another outlandish costume and do it again!

And do it again, I will next year (in
costume? who knows?)

thought of the week:
without music life would B flat

Saturday, April 14, 2007

B & B’s B&B and Brothers

That is Becky and Brian’s Bed and Breakfast and Bill’s fraternity brothers’ reunion/birthday get together. I received an e-mail from a fraternity brother of Bill’s inviting me, among many, to attend the 70th birthday of brother, “Cheese Man”. Amazingly, the next day I got a call from my friend Becky (who lives in Chico, where the party was to be held) and we talked about me coming to see her new 5 month old baby (view a few baby pictures now). One thing led to another, and I was able to mesh both together. I visited Becky and baby Taylor in the afternoon, went to the party and returned to spend the night (see photo of guest room) at Becky and Brian’s. Upon waking in the morning, she had a wonderful breakfast prepared. When you see the empty table photo (in my rush to eat, I forgot to take pictures) imagine if you will, a table with a plate full of delicious scramble eggs with salsa and sour cream topping, also for my tasting pleasure is a lovely goblet of orange juice and yummy freshly baked muffins. So wonderful to see that darling family and spend time with them. Thanks to them for everything!

Back to the fraternity birthday party. It has been a long while, perhaps 12 to 13 years since I’ve seen most of these guys. (The invitation had so many familiar names from so long ago, I just felt that Bill would want me there.) However, when I walked into the private upstairs room at Madison Bear Garden I saw only guys. I thought oh, maybe this is not such a good idea. But everyone made me feel welcome and wanted, and soon more ladies arrived. It was a fun evening, visiting with “old” friends and recalling stories from the past.

I am so fortunate to have us wonderful friends and to be retired and able to go to see them! Love to all of you!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Music Notes

Great week for fun music listening here in Redding!
Sunday evening was the gypsy jazz of “Roma” and friends! Very professional and talented group that delivered fun and wonderful music at Old City Hall. Later in the week at the Cascade Theatre, I heard “The Cab Calloway Orchestra”, led by his grandson! Wow, could they play! Saturday evening was my friends “Indigo Brew” with a guitar guest from “Brown Shoe” performing at the “Post Office Saloon”. The keyboard player, the drummer and bass guitar player are Mom, Dad and son! ‘’

Spring break for Redding teachers warranted only two walking get togethers. We joined together at the Sundial Bridge for an hour or so walk. Stops at the Art Gallery and Cafe were also enjoyed along the way. Even the sighting of a rattlesnake did not deter us (only changed our direction)! The incredible weather made the venture even more

Easter was a gathering at my niece, Vicky’s home with her darling kids. They enjoyed the bunny bag of goodies I brought them. Also, it was my chance to meet the newest family member, baby Melody.
This is Noah’s (my 2nd generation cousin, Vicky’s son) 6 week old daughter. She is just home from the hospital as she was premature and only now weighs 5 lbs. We made sure to take a four generation photo! I’m hoping that all of you also had a wonderful Easter.

thought of the week:
An Easter Poem
Be careful outside on Easter morn'
While searching for eggs in the grass,
You could slip on the slippery springtime dew
and fall down and break your big...