Saturday, April 14, 2007

B & B’s B&B and Brothers

That is Becky and Brian’s Bed and Breakfast and Bill’s fraternity brothers’ reunion/birthday get together. I received an e-mail from a fraternity brother of Bill’s inviting me, among many, to attend the 70th birthday of brother, “Cheese Man”. Amazingly, the next day I got a call from my friend Becky (who lives in Chico, where the party was to be held) and we talked about me coming to see her new 5 month old baby (view a few baby pictures now). One thing led to another, and I was able to mesh both together. I visited Becky and baby Taylor in the afternoon, went to the party and returned to spend the night (see photo of guest room) at Becky and Brian’s. Upon waking in the morning, she had a wonderful breakfast prepared. When you see the empty table photo (in my rush to eat, I forgot to take pictures) imagine if you will, a table with a plate full of delicious scramble eggs with salsa and sour cream topping, also for my tasting pleasure is a lovely goblet of orange juice and yummy freshly baked muffins. So wonderful to see that darling family and spend time with them. Thanks to them for everything!

Back to the fraternity birthday party. It has been a long while, perhaps 12 to 13 years since I’ve seen most of these guys. (The invitation had so many familiar names from so long ago, I just felt that Bill would want me there.) However, when I walked into the private upstairs room at Madison Bear Garden I saw only guys. I thought oh, maybe this is not such a good idea. But everyone made me feel welcome and wanted, and soon more ladies arrived. It was a fun evening, visiting with “old” friends and recalling stories from the past.

I am so fortunate to have us wonderful friends and to be retired and able to go to see them! Love to all of you!

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