Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day 4 We drove to Columbia to see our dear friend Wanda and her husband Don. We had a nice dinner and breakfast the following day, with much conversation and laughter.

Day 3 The next day (Linda stayed in the hotel sick), Lynette and I drove to Jamestown. Another wonderful place to see. While Williamsburg was a town, this place was more of an Indian village and a fort and harbor. Fun place to visit!

Virginia Days 1 & 2

While my Redding friends headed back home, I flew to D.C. to join three high school friends. We started in Arlington, Virginia where we saw the “Bodies” exhibit. It shows real bodies and their different systems. It was amazing! The next day we headed to Williamsburg. They have perserved the true feeling of the 1600’s.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just some extra photos of our Boston trip.

Last Day

Again we hopped on the trolley for another, though last, day of fun! One goal today was to visit Harvard. Viv had an old college friend who is a professor there. So we had lunch in the faculty lounge and a personal tour. Where else, but Harvard would you see a student walking along carrying a lacrosse stick?

We also visited the famous Quincy Market Place, Newberry Street, Cheers and the top of the Prudential Building. And of course, I had to end the last night with a lobster dinner!

Everyone flew home the next morning, but I headed to Virginia to meet up with my high

Day 4

Today we became tourists and hit Boston full force! I know you’ve all seen old buildings, so I’ll spare you those photos. (and plentiful they are) First, we took the “Duck” tour, a tour bus that goes on land and then into the Charles River. From there we saw many things, one of them being the ship the “Constitution”.

Next day we took the dry land tour trolley, as we were able to get on an off as we pleased.
This allowed us to walk part of “The Freedom Trail” , where we saw and old graveyard and Paul Revere’s house. We also took time out to enjoy some nice dinners.

Day Three

This morning we were able to hear Maya Angelou and Whoopi Goldberg share a conversation with each other and us. More exhibit time and then lunch with Viv’s daughter and two other young ladies from the area. That evening was the final show with Rod Stewart performing. What a great show! The fiddle player is a local Redding girl and her mother is a retired teacher friend. Later, we met some groupies who had an autographed soccer ball.

Boston Days One and Two

2700 people rose to their feet and a roar of applaud thundered through the auditorium as Tony Bennett came out on stage. He was sensational! And that is how we spent our first night at the AARP convention in Boston. Having flown in that morning on the red eye...we were totally jet lagged, but ready to enjoy it all! We even hit the after hours-- Motown dancing after the concert.

Next day, bright and early, well, at least EARLY...we headed over to the convention center to hear Bob Newhart speak. He was great, two of the gals nearly missed hearing him...that is when we learned that there would be a lot of rushing and standing in line. The next show we got to too late and it was already full. Which turned out to be a good thing because we were now able to stand in an one and a half hour line to get into the next show. This one was Joan Rivers and her daughter...which we attended so that we would have seats for the next speaker who was Hillary Clinton. She was amazing!

Finally, we had some down time and hit the huge exhibit floor (size of 6 football fields). So much to see. That evening we saw Lilly Tomlin and Earth, Wind and Fire perform, great time!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Quickie on Boston

The Tahp Ten Things Ta Look Out Foha in Bahstun
10. Pahl Reveah's silvah at the museum of fine ahts.
9. Two headed lobstahs in Bahstun Hahgah.
8. A wicked lotta beahs at cheahs.
7. Bunka Hill Monument.
6. Oystah Chowbah in Quincy Mahcut.
5. Fennway Pahk.
4. Bahgins at Nieman Machus.
3. Dawchestah, Revaeah and Summahvul.
2. Pahkin yah cah in Hahvid Yahd aftah dahk.
1. The plate number of that cah on yah bumpah.