Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 4

Today we became tourists and hit Boston full force! I know you’ve all seen old buildings, so I’ll spare you those photos. (and plentiful they are) First, we took the “Duck” tour, a tour bus that goes on land and then into the Charles River. From there we saw many things, one of them being the ship the “Constitution”.

Next day we took the dry land tour trolley, as we were able to get on an off as we pleased.
This allowed us to walk part of “The Freedom Trail” , where we saw and old graveyard and Paul Revere’s house. We also took time out to enjoy some nice dinners.

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Mary Eileen said...

Boston is such a great city—other than San Francisco (my home town) it’s my favorite place in the country. Lots to see and do, lots to eat and drink, lots of fun activities—and it looks like you did it all!