Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Food Photos!!

Need I say more? Almost as
good as eating them!! Some
prepared by me, some by friends
and some by professionals.

It is who you know!

Happenstance! One summer evening some weeks ago, some friends and I decided to check out the local excitement of the “Lyle Lovett Large Band” being in our town. We didn’t have tickets, but looked at the many large fancy buses. Then we went for a drink at the Market Street Steak House. Since my son, Chris is the bartender there, he treated us to our drinks and fixed us his own special creation “ultra light”. After, we walked past the theatre and my friends knew a couple of the ushers. One took us into the box office and located a front row loge seat for each of us. We shelled out the money and enjoyed an amazing show!! Free drinks and seats at a sold out show!! It’s got to be who you know.

A thought: Good morning is an oxymoron.

Odds & Ends

Haven’t blogged for a while but here are some random photos and comments:

What does the sign mean? I saw it on the wall at covered parking at the busy downtown mall during the afternoon. I parked here and so did many others.

I had a few Monopoly pieces and cards from my Mother’s old game. I placed them in a frame with some pictures I printed from the computer.

Recently, I attended a retirement party and presented my friend with this bottle of wine, I designed the label. Good place to make wine and labels is Vintner’s Cellar.

Have you played “Mexican Train Dominoes” ?
It is fun to play without to much thinking! Just goofing around in last photo!

A thought:
Despite the cost of living, have you noticed how it remains so popular?

Monday, August 20, 2007


A link to read about Alison's housemate's trip to Rwanda.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Side Trip

Being in Portland and only 3 hours from Seattle, we went to see our family there. It so happened that Bonnie & her family from San Jose were also visiting. So more the merrier!
Bryan and his family made us very welcome.
They live near the ocean and so we enjoyed several nice walks there. Also, it had been awhile since we had been to Pike’s Market, so we went there. We browsed around and ate the obligatory fish lunch! So great to see everyone and keep up with the nieces and nephews! I love my family.

a thought: You are stuck with your debt if you can’t budge it.

Portland, OR

Fun trip to Portland to see my daughter, Alison. First night there, we went to “trivia” at a local funky restaurant/bar. It is her Sunday evening activity with friends. They sit outside and compete with other tables while enjoying food and drinks. I also met her cat and new roommate Clara.
Of course, we shopped and visited different areas of the town. The homes are all unique and
the streets are tree-lined with flowers everywhere. Some of the interesting things were: narrow streets, 7 bridges, quaint little shops, and one parking meter used by a whole street (it uses credit cards and prints out a sticker for your car and you can move to a new spot and continue to use it if time is still left). This I learned from her good friend Jackie, who we lunched with one day. The very best experience was going to hear Chris Botti and Diana Krall perform!! They each had their own set and where incredible!

Just a thought: Eat right, exercise, die anyway!