Saturday, August 11, 2007

Portland, OR

Fun trip to Portland to see my daughter, Alison. First night there, we went to “trivia” at a local funky restaurant/bar. It is her Sunday evening activity with friends. They sit outside and compete with other tables while enjoying food and drinks. I also met her cat and new roommate Clara.
Of course, we shopped and visited different areas of the town. The homes are all unique and
the streets are tree-lined with flowers everywhere. Some of the interesting things were: narrow streets, 7 bridges, quaint little shops, and one parking meter used by a whole street (it uses credit cards and prints out a sticker for your car and you can move to a new spot and continue to use it if time is still left). This I learned from her good friend Jackie, who we lunched with one day. The very best experience was going to hear Chris Botti and Diana Krall perform!! They each had their own set and where incredible!

Just a thought: Eat right, exercise, die anyway!

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