Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer Fun

I hope you are enjoying your summer time and your vacations. I have been having a wonderful time. One of the best times has been kayaking with friends on Whiskeytown Lake (in spite of the fact that I sprained my wrist which was extremely painful while paddling). Music, of course,
has been enjoyed at several venues, from downtown Redding Marketfest, the Turtle Bay Cafe (music by the Sundial Bridge), to music festival in the Dunsmir Park (a lovely setting by the river).

Food, absolutely, is part of the enjoyment of summer. What can be better than barbecue fresh caught salmon? Besides my standard stir fry, there have been several luncheons. The Oregon Street Tea Company was a fun new place, but NOT for the dieter!! We also indulged in “snacks” at our “weekly” scrabble games!

Yes, I still am going to Curves and walking the Sundial Trail!!

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Nancy said...

You are a wild and crazy woman. I love being your friend. Keep having fun each minute of each day!