Wednesday, October 06, 2010

AARP Convention In Orlando

AARP Convention in Orlando

We all came from different destinations.
Due to an early flight, Viv and I came a
day early and spent the night at our friend
Kathy's (who lives close to the airport).
Thank you Kathy for a wonderful evening
and your hospitality.
Viv...out to dinner with dessert.

Kathy's birthday dessert.

A special dessert for all to share!

First day was a whole day of flying!
From the plane's window on the way to Orlando.

Entering our hotel (The Peabody) addition,
only opened eight hours before we arrived.
Very fancy!

In our room...Mary shows off her
new reading light.

Viv receives a package from her daughters.

Actually, it was a gift for all of us. Four matching
tote bags. They specially labeled...
Formerly known as "Ladies of the Lake" and
"Pool Potatoes".
Thanks Marie and Leah.

Our bathroom had a TV in the mirror.

Toasting our trip!

Second day and the day before the convention,
we did the tourist thing...Epcot!

One of our first rides was the car "Test Track".
It is like the one they do with the dummies...
so what does that say about us?

Next, was "Spaceship Earth".
It was like heading into space.

Leaving Earth.

Our controls.

Team partner, Mary and I in future video.

"The Seas with Nemo and Friends".
We had lunch at the 'Coral Reef',
our table was right next to the HUGE aquarium.



Ready to order our seafood lunch.

Inside 'World Showcase"... street show
in United Kingdom. Very funny!

Old fashion British phone booth and
present day cell phones. These 3 were
always on their cells.








End of the day there were
incredible fireworks!

First day of the convention there were many speakers.
These are the few that I was able to see. My early
riser roommates were able to see a few more.

Jane Pauly...introduced and interviewed
three retirees who have gone on to new careers.

Humorist, Dave Barry, was hilarious!

Robins Roberts

Joan London

Whoopi Goldberg and Larry King

A late afternoon relaxation at the hotel pool.

Later that evening an early dinner at the
hotel restaurant, before the evening show.

A large crowd for the concert!

B.B. King speaks to the audience and
plays some amazing tunes!

Next, Gladys Knight rocks the house!

Our after show drinks and jokes!

The next day I visited the exhibit hall and listened
to some jazz groups. First one was a trio, who's
name I can not remember, but very talented.

They also played for Monica Mancini
(Henry's daughter). Great to hear her
stories about her father and she is a
wonderful singer.

Sax man Dave Koz also performed.

Our hotel has a special tradition (read the
story above).

Here are the famous ducks!

And the 'duck master'!

The daily duck parade begins.

The following day we heard Marlo Thomas
speak about her life growing up 'funny'!
Poor picture, but she was amusing to listen to.

Later that evening we went to a very cool
Cuban restaurant.

The food was exquisite!

Cuban cigars, of course!
As my late husband would say:
"Rolled on the thigh of a virgin".

The last performance was too good to be real!
First, Richie Havens performed, sounded
just the same as 30 years ago.

Next up was Judy clear
and pure as ever! And she touched
our heart strings and eye-ducts.

The headliners: Crosby, Stills and Nash
did not disappoint! So amazing!
Steven Stills was absolutely stellar on the guitar!

After the show...we returned to the Cuban Restaurant
to watch the salsa dancers. Very fun!

Worn out and very overloaded with
free gadgets and pamphlets.
We retraced our route back to
California...contemplating the