Friday, March 09, 2012

Spa Girls’

Spa Girls’ - Mt. Shasta Resort
and Magic Tricks
(1- 10 - 2012 t
o 1-12 - 2012)

Patty had found us a great “ Girls’ Getaway” couple of days. Although it wasn’t snowing, it was still a fun time, only costing $111 each a day - to include: spa treatment (nails or massage or facial), dinner and a quad chalet.

Jan. 10th
Patty picked us up and drove, the hour to the Mt. Shasta. We picked up groceries and checked in. We settled in our cabin and then headed out for our first day of spa treatments, including champagne, all part of the package deal. We did tip well. Patty and I had pedicures and manicures, Mary and Viv had massages.

Afterwards, we went to the restaurant/lounge for dinner; restaurant closed. When we arrived, waitress greeted us, “Are you the spa girls?” and brought in the restaurant menu. We all ordered steaks (free entree so we went for the pricey!) Guitarist entertained us. I also entertained by performing a magic act – I made my napkin disappear! (it was really a funny accident...and joke on me). Back to the cabin (chalet) for wine and conversation.

Jan. 11th
Patty and I slept in ‘til 9 – when Viv told us it was time to get up. When dressing Patty made some magic of her own making a pair of socks (which did not belong to any of us) appear under the bed, then she made a container of fudge brownies appear under the other bed! Hmm, good housekeeping.

Mary and Viv were rearing to get going and led us in yoga posses. Mary was very impressive with some fancy tricks. After a breakfast of foods we brought, (since there was very little snow) we walked the trail, across Wagon Creek Pedestrian bridge. Gorgeous day, though cold. Viv and I were busy taking photos and we all began to take the wrong trail home. We should pay better attention.

Got back and had a nice fire in the fireplace, (electric and it would turn off every half hour). We snacked on foods we had brought and played scrabble. Patty kept everyone in usual. Later, that afternoon,Patty and I had massages, Viv had a facial, while Mary
had a mani/pedi. By then, it was time for dinner. This time we picked something a little less filling than the night before.

Jan. 12
Viv’s turn to do her trick, while everyone was still asleep. She was up early and wanted to get the internet to work for her I-phone. The adapter was hanging out of the plug. She tried to adjust it, but, ooh, sparks appeared!! She called the front desk and they sent down the maintenance man. So very strange to hear a man’s voice in our chalet thought Patty, while I slept through the whole thing, thanks to earplugs.

We packed up and off we went to Mt. Shasta town. We shopped at Pompador’s a cute little shop with lots of stuff for Grandma wanna-be’s who love to spend money! Such fun. We also stopped in 5th Season. Then, off to meet some relatives of Mary’s for lunch at Lily's restaurant in town. Afterwards, we headed home! Great time, wonderful photos and fun stories to tell.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Family Girls' Reunion 2011

Family Girls' Reunion 2011

Claudia, Alison, Clover and Pat

Alison, (my daughter) had her last day of work and then grabbed an early morning flight from Portland to San Diego. The plane made a stop in Sacramento and (having driven from Redding) I joined her and we flew the rest of the way together. My two sisters picked us up ( Clover having arrived a few days earlier from Texas) and we drove to a Mexican restaurant for dinner on the patio. Don (Pat's husband) joined us. Great way to start our vacation!

The second day, we four girls drove to Santa Monica, we visited the home of our grandparents and then drove to the J. Paul Jr. Getty Museum. Since we did not have a lot of time this day, we simply wandered around the grounds...

and through garden with plans to return the next day.

We found our hotel quickly changed and took the special bus to the Hollywood Bowl. What a night, we heard Hugh Masekela and then Wynton Marsalis with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. Both were so enjoyable.

( google photo)

We had grabbed some dinner from the vendors on the way in, as this was new to us, unlike the two couples in the row in front of us. They had an incredible picnic spread out, ranging from wine, candles, cheese, bread, salad to cake and coffee for dessert. Apparently, they have season tickets and knew "how" to do it right!
The following day we went back to the Getty Museum and visited the art! It was so amazing to see the marvelous masterpieces. I specially like two of Monet's and Van Gogh's "Irises".
Monet's "Ice Cathedral"

Monet's "Haystacks"

Van Gogh's "Iries"

Later that afternoon, we drove to Seal Beach (a darling beach town) where we met a couple of Pat's friends and enjoyed an fantastic dinner. After dinner, we walked along the pier.
Joan and Bob

The next day, we drove to Newport Beach did a little sight seeing and had lunch before driving back to San Diego. We picked up Don and drove out to meet high school friends for dinner. (You may notice a theme here of "eating great meals") So fun to visit with them.
Pat, Claudia, Dwight, Clover, Kathy, Alison and Don

The following day, Clover's flight home was canceled so we all took the day to
relax and cooked a meal at home. After dinner, we laughed ourselves silly playing

Clover was able to fly the next morning, and after wards, we three made our way to La Jolla Beach. The weather was lovely so we went walking along the beach enjoying the sights and then...

On the way
Heading toward the beach
La Jolla Beach
Pat & Alison

shopped in the cute stores there. Sadly, the next day, Alison and I returned to the heat of Redding. Besides seeing her brother, he spent her time visiting old friends here and then was soon flying back to Portland. I wonder where we will go next year? So glad Alison is with us to drive, read signs for us, and help us remember what we need to remember.

Alison and Christopher

Now for some "out-takes"!