Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Boston Days One and Two

2700 people rose to their feet and a roar of applaud thundered through the auditorium as Tony Bennett came out on stage. He was sensational! And that is how we spent our first night at the AARP convention in Boston. Having flown in that morning on the red eye...we were totally jet lagged, but ready to enjoy it all! We even hit the after hours-- Motown dancing after the concert.

Next day, bright and early, well, at least EARLY...we headed over to the convention center to hear Bob Newhart speak. He was great, two of the gals nearly missed hearing him...that is when we learned that there would be a lot of rushing and standing in line. The next show we got to too late and it was already full. Which turned out to be a good thing because we were now able to stand in an one and a half hour line to get into the next show. This one was Joan Rivers and her daughter...which we attended so that we would have seats for the next speaker who was Hillary Clinton. She was amazing!

Finally, we had some down time and hit the huge exhibit floor (size of 6 football fields). So much to see. That evening we saw Lilly Tomlin and Earth, Wind and Fire perform, great time!!

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