Sunday, April 08, 2007

Music Notes

Great week for fun music listening here in Redding!
Sunday evening was the gypsy jazz of “Roma” and friends! Very professional and talented group that delivered fun and wonderful music at Old City Hall. Later in the week at the Cascade Theatre, I heard “The Cab Calloway Orchestra”, led by his grandson! Wow, could they play! Saturday evening was my friends “Indigo Brew” with a guitar guest from “Brown Shoe” performing at the “Post Office Saloon”. The keyboard player, the drummer and bass guitar player are Mom, Dad and son! ‘’

Spring break for Redding teachers warranted only two walking get togethers. We joined together at the Sundial Bridge for an hour or so walk. Stops at the Art Gallery and Cafe were also enjoyed along the way. Even the sighting of a rattlesnake did not deter us (only changed our direction)! The incredible weather made the venture even more

Easter was a gathering at my niece, Vicky’s home with her darling kids. They enjoyed the bunny bag of goodies I brought them. Also, it was my chance to meet the newest family member, baby Melody.
This is Noah’s (my 2nd generation cousin, Vicky’s son) 6 week old daughter. She is just home from the hospital as she was premature and only now weighs 5 lbs. We made sure to take a four generation photo! I’m hoping that all of you also had a wonderful Easter.

thought of the week:
An Easter Poem
Be careful outside on Easter morn'
While searching for eggs in the grass,
You could slip on the slippery springtime dew
and fall down and break your big...

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Alison said...

I love the pictures. It looks like you have had a nice week. Are the pictures sideways when you upload them?