Saturday, May 26, 2007

Summer Arrives!!

(I still can't get the photos in order...good luck matching them to the text!) May brings forth many activities. Though I did not attend the rodeo or parade, it was fun to see the huge Clydesdale horses getting washed at the parking lot of the Sundial Bridge. Last Saturday (5-19) was my first time to attend the Anderson Rock and Gem show. Very impressive, though a little overwhelming, due to the vast amount to see. However, I never heard any “rock music” or met anyone named “Jim”.
Viv joined our monthly gathering of Evergreen retirees. I prepared Mike Clow’s Ahi Tuna Salad and everyone was pleased with the results. Always good to
catch up--all are very busy enjoy themselves.
Memorial Day weekend, I drove to Chico to spend the day with a new guy friend who lives there. He is a photographer, so we hiked in Upper Bidwell Park and took photos--which was very enjoyable. I was once again captivated by the beauty there. We drove through Chico, seeing some of the newest changes since I left years ago. Later, we ate a burger, had a beer and played pool at the Oasis, where I used to work. Floods of memories came back from my previous years living in Chico. It was a pleasant day.
The remainder of the three day weekend will be in another blog, as it is difficult to add very many photos to
each entry.

thought of the week:
Reality. TV. Two more reasons to read!


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