Friday, October 16, 2009

Portland in Autumn

Portland in Autumn

Recently, my nephew Peter need to go to Portland for a non-profit job fair. He invited me to go along since my daughter lives there. He would see her new home andwe would stay with her. Thus, began our "wild" road trip! We happened to leave Redding on the worst storm day of the season! We had to drive on windy, windy (two different words), rainy roads. The huge trucks were hard to pass. So often I got stuck rightin their spray with a hard rain coming down and sharp curves coming often. I believe that Peter regretted that he let me drive that leg. He finally took over in Ashland.
That evening Peter met up with his friend, Rob (Yuba) and we all got together for dinner.
We ate at the Rogue a popular Portland place.

'Yuba' and Peter

Me and Alison

Next day, Alison went to school and Peter went to his non-profit job fair. I hung out and later, Peter and I met up for lunch. We got picked up groceries and Peter cooked an amazing dinner. Afterwards, we went to one of Alison's favorite bars. Her friend Clara joined us, as she
herself has spent time in non-profit.

Alison, Me, & Clara

Alison, Peter, & Clara

Peter being goofy

Female DJ

After a few...Peter and me

There is a famous food cart in Portland that has been written about in the NY Times. It is very popular and different. They prepare their potato fries in a different way and serve them with gravy and special chunks of cheese. MMMMM....good!

Alison at the cart

Peter at the cart

Alison and Clara eating the fries

Peter dips into the amazing fries

Next day we headed to a special neighborhood where Beverly Cleary lived and wrote the Ramona Books Series. We saw the school named after her and we visited a park where
there are statues of Ramona, Henry and Ribsy (the dog), characters in her books.

Statue of Ramona

Statue of Henry and Peter

The neighborhood surrounding the park was so fun to walk through and capture photos of the Autumn season.

Peter and Alison in the park

Most had their front porches decorated for the season.

This guy was watching out the window.

A metal sculpture.

Pumpkin patch in the front yard.


Soon to be

Another decorated porch

Alison found a lovely leaf

Peter and Alison walking through the park.

Another delicious meal. Unique sandwiches are made and eaten here!

Great food...Alison could not wait!

On our way back, we stopped in Eugene and had lunch with Heidi (Peter's ex and my
friend). She took us to McMinnemins, a very cool restaurant on the river. Fun visit.

thought of the day: This is me pretending to be normal.

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