Thursday, July 01, 2010

Busy June 2010

Cool rainy days brought in June. They were a help, as I bustled around preparing the yard and house for three different sets of guests that month.

First, two friends of one of my BEST friends were meeting each other in Redding. So I invited them to stay overnight here. One gal, I had met before and knew a little. Along with two of my high school friends, I once stayed at her house in Ashland. The other lady lives in Jamaica and I'd also stayed at her house when visiting there, however, she was out of the country at the time.
When they arrived, the wanted to see the Sundial Bridge and Turtle Bay Arboretum so we did
that first. After that we came back for a dinner I'd made. I had already had plans to attend a concert, so I gave them the choice of coming with or staying at my place and relaxing. They chose the latter. When I returned they were out on the patio enjoying some conversation and wine. Since my guest room has a Jamaica theme...I had to take their photos in my rasta cap with

Following this, was a small gathering for a retirement luncheon. It was a salad I really only had to do the house, drinks and I planned some special surprises. I was GREAT fun
to see a lot of my previous co-workers and other retirees. Everyone had a good time!

A couple days later, my two sisters arrived on a Thursday. We would then leave on Saturday
for our trip up the Oregon Coast. See the next blog entry.

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