Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New Family Addition

(but don't call me Grandma)

My son Chris is the new parent of a 3
old "blue pit bull terrier".

Her name is D.O.G. (spelled out), but
for short it is "Ogee".

I'm not a "pit bull" fan, but I have to
admit, she is pretty cute. Chris has
already taught her to sit.

thought of the day: If you want to train your dog, take it to the railroad station.


caljeanie said...

She is beautiful! I love the blue color! We had an angora rabbit that color one time many years ago. Just because she is a pit bull doesn't mean she is a bad dog. It all depends on how she is raised, and I can't imagine any family member of yours being mean to a dog....

Elaine said...

Ooh that pup is sooo cute. Looks like the important thing, especially with this and other similar breeds of dog, the training, has started already.

Anonymous said...

love the new puppy. one of my grand dogs is a boxer/pit mix and he is the sweetest dog, my daughter got him from a rescue center and he was abut 6 weeks old

Teena in Toronto said...

What a sweet puppy!