Friday, July 18, 2008


Recently, my sisters and I had to go through
our late parents’ belongings. This is an
item we found among my father’s tools...
however, none of us could figure out what
it was. The narrow piece near the top moves
back and forth. Therefore, I hope one of you can.
What is that?

This is my photo of my former nephew’s
photo. It was taken in my mother-in-law’s
house, which everyone believed to be
haunted. So...we know what it is...what
do you think?


June said...

Stumped two times!

♥tnchick♥ said...

The second one looks like an outline of a person or something??

Sorry about the comment issues - I hope I corrected the issue. There is a comment from you - I don't know "which one" but it's there. =)

sallyacious said...

These are both really interesting. I have no idea for the first one. The second one looks like the reflection of a neon sign in the glass. But I could very easily be wrong.

philos said...

Hmm... maybe the first one is a scale? Hehe... The 2nd one looks like a CRT monitor to me hehe

Baker Watson said...

On the first photo I think it is definitely a whatchamacallit. Or, if it is made of bronze or copper it could possibly be a thingamajig.

Of course if it is more than 4" tall it is probably a doohickey and could fetch a good price on ebay if it is in good condition and can still be used.

These days everyone uses high-tech, electronic doohickeys but there are always collectors who will pay handsomely for the old manual doohickeys in workable condition.

I have no idea on the second photo.


Carin said...

Sorry but I don't have a glue! Your entries have made me curious.

the teach said...

Claudia, no ideas! Hope you'll tell us soon! :)

girasoli said...

No ideas here either??

CherryPie said...

No idea for either!

Anonymous said...

got me both times too!
thanks for visiting mine!

mama meji said...

I'm sorry I can't help you with the first photo...but I've made out an outline (child's) in that frame.