Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Past newsletters: September 29, 2006

Sept. 17, 2006

Dear Family and Friends,
My niece, Maureen is still with me and trying to recover, but the progress is slow. I hope they sent a home nurse, as the family is not sure what to do for her. She will see the doctor again o Wednesday. She continues to have a very extended belly and only can lie down all day.
Thursday evening I went out to the local casino, because I had read in the paper that there would be a 40th high school reunion gathering there. Well, Vicky and I searched everywhere and asked everyone and no one knew anything. I’m thinking it was canceled since it was on a Thursday evening. Too bad, I was trying to check them out, in preparation for my coming 40th reunion in October.
Saturday was my niece, Emma’s 3rd birthday!
I went over for dinner, presents and cake! What fun! First time she knew what a birthday was. There was another 3 year old girl there and they were soooo cute together. One time, they came out of the bedroom all decked out, with purses and pushing doll strollers--as if they were on a shopping trip.
Sunday--best day of this week! I got to get together with my girlfriends. We had our September birthday lunch, to celebrate the birthdays of two of the group. In addition, we pulled off a retirement surprise for Viv! We are all getting together to give her a weekend girls’ trip in November!! We haven’t decided on the place yet. Her last day of work is Monday, 9-18-06, so now I have another retired playmate!

Thought of the week:
There are so many things I wish I had done
yesterday, and so few I feel like doing today.
Love, Claudia

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