Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Dear Family and Friends,

After a week of gloomy rainy days, at last the sun comes out. I treat myself to a relaxed morning in a comfy chair near a window and bask in sunlight, I absorb the shine and warmth, while reading the morning a paper and sipping my mandatory pot of coffee (life & retirement are GOOD).

Tuesday morning, I’d watched the twins, Cole and Kyle (one year olds) for a couple of hours. They were a lot of fun and easy to care for. Thursday evening, it was an ornament exchange/Bunco party with Evergreen (my old school) staff.
So great to see everyone, fun and food! Some interesting
ornaments were exchanged.

On Sunday, I joined my niece Vicky, her children (Emma 3, Billy 1) and her father for a little shopping and a trip to the Turtle Bay Museum for the kids to see a Winter Wonderland exhibit. Later, we went to the playground there.

An easy slow week and now all I have to do is make some Christmas goodies!

Hope your week is full of “sweets” too!

Thought for the week:
In some cultures what I do would be considered normal.


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