Tuesday, February 27, 2007

December 10, 2006

Dear Mother,

Sunny days make way for wintery dreary, chilly, rainy days, which of course reminded me of my platitude “ it should only rain at night!” Yet, here we are in the mist of Redding winter weather, my least favorite time of the year. However, I’ve completed my Christmas shopping, and my tree and decorations are up, and gift are purchased and mailed, so those are not a worry!
I did, however, have a busy week. Wednesday evening, I attended an AAUW (American Association of University Women) Christmas dinner with a friend/ member . Nice time and the best part was the junior high school jazz band that played! Very fun to hear!
Thursday, I was lucky enough to watch my 3 yr. old niece and 11 mo. old nephew--they are sooo much fun and so sweet! Saturday, was a family birthday party, the twins and Billy all had their 1st birthday party together. Lots of family and gifts and craziness! I got all Christmas tree photo ornaments as a parent gift.
Friday evening was music at the Martini Bar with my friends Holly Taylor and Eric Peter--wonderful jazz standards. She has a beautiful voice and he is on the 7 string guitar! Earlier Friday, I visited Bill at the cemetery as it was the 12th anniversary of his passing. I always light candles there and always the rain drenches them by day two.
Saturday evening was a blind date with the friend of a friend. A group of eight friends got together at a Chinese restaurant. We sat at a round table with a large lazy susan, so it was good for group conversation. Later, half of the group went to the Cheese Cake Factory for dessert. It was a fun group, fun evening and he was a nice guy...no sparks, but I’d see him again to get to know him better..
I’m sure you have heard of the Christmas song
“Grandma’s been run over by reindeer”...well, I have a new one, “Sister’s been run over by a bicycle”. Yes, my sister Clover, was knocked down, by accident, by a man on a bicycle on her school campus. Sore, but doing ok.

Thought for the week:
Plan to be spontaneous...Tomorrow!

Love, Claudia

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