Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Dear Family and Friends,

How can a week be so long and yet so short? Much accomplished and much to still do. Guess that is called “life”.
Three days to completely empty and put away things from my suitcase. Two days to write 28 thank you notes (which were extremely appreciated). Making sure I got back into “Curves” (my workout program) and did my tread mil daily, before visiting my doctor (reg. yearly exam). A month of no exercise in Riverside at my mom’s was not good for my weight. In addition, to the notes I wrote, I had to go through my bills and other mail.
Also, quickly the house needed attention... especially, my water heater that quit one morning. Luckily, my nephew, Ken, came by after work and he fixed it for me.I got to spend time with Vicky and the kids, Emma (3) and Billy (1). The next day Billy was ill and I watched Emma (what fun she is) while they took Billy to the hospital. (Now he is doing well.)
A week of half rain and half sun. A couple days I had wonderful walks with friends along the Sacramento River. One day in particular, we spotted an albino squirrel, pretty rare in this area, we also saw an otter eating a fish that it had just caught. (Yeah, folks, this is Reddin’).
Yesterday, it rained all day...so I mostly stayed in and watched the DVD “The Miles Davis Story”. Today was sunny with big white clouds and beautiful as the rain had cleared the air! I was able to get out and prune my roses and noticed ALL the yard work I need to do soon.
Later, I went to Barnes and Nobles to get a book and ran into some friends from Evergreen (my former school) and there children. Good to see them.
And so goes another week of loving retirement!

thought of the week:
Joan of Arc heard voices too.

Crazy Claudia

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