Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oct. 29, 2006

Dear Mother,

I want to thank you for the delicious Sees candy and the birthday card with the $100 check. One thing I’m going to buy is some new workout shoes with it. I shared the candy with my girl friends at our October birthday brunch.
It was so great to see you and Clover and Pat.
I’m glad that your medicine is making you feel better. It was fun too, to see our “old” high school friends at the reunion.
What a busy week it was. Although, I was at my 40th reunion and missed Maureen's memorial services. I spent time with family when I got back. When I got back I was able to see Bill’s brother and his wife and many nieces and nephews. Bonnie has such a wonderful family. The two of us also enjoyed some nice breakfasts out. One day I was able to shop at Santana Row when Bonnie was working and I actually got some Christmas shopping done.
Today, I was finally able to see Emma and Billy here in Redding. Billy is starting to take a few steps. Too cute!! I hope to have some Halloween photos of the kids soon! Pat can show them to you on her laptop computer, you won’t have to go to the computer room anymore!
I’ve been busy since I’ve been back. I got home Friday afternoon and after a nap went to hear music. Saturday, another music duo after working out and laundry and groceries. Sunday morning was
brunch with my friends.
Tomorrow I am going to have the garage door replaced. The old one after countless repairs has finally given up. Later in the afternoon, I have a walk on the River trail planned with a guy I met before my trip south.
Take care of yourself.

Thought of the week:
The trouble with life is that there is no background music.


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