Friday, October 19, 2007

Three Cs and More

Monthly, I join two other retirees from my former job for a get together. September, we took a drive to the near by small town of Mineral on Mill Creek driving to Lassen National Park. When we got to the Park, we had a picnic and of course, caught up on each other’s news. Cathy has a new granddaughter, Caroline was headed to the coast and I had just returned from the east coast (AARP convention in Boston and yearly reunion with junior high friends in Virginia). previous blogs about those trips

The next evening was a Bunco game with current employees from former job. They play about once a month, great to reconnect with everyone. Bunco is a silly dice game and their Bunco mascot is a Roadrunner. Anything to be with friends and relax and have fun. What do you do?

thought of the day: "Practice safe eating - always use condiments."

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