Sunday, October 28, 2007


These two little girls, shared yet again another birthday today. Though, one was in Texas and one in California. Next year we vow to be together, perhaps in Hawaii, for our 60th.

For me, my birthday week was one of many meals!
I shared lunch last Wednesday with a friend who just recently retired and had been one of my first friends when I started my 30 year career, at my one and only school. Therefore, we have gone through literally--life and death experiences together, not to mention a great deal of silliness and laughter! That was followed by a Friday morning brunch with two more retirees from my previous school. We had to try out the funky looking restaurant we all have often driven by... “Joe’s Giant Orange”. It had been bragged up and rightly so. So feeling as round as the orange, I yet again met with the “Redding Gals” to celebrate three October birthdays with lunch. And pie for me, I always have to have a piece of pumpkin pie on for my birthday!!

Thus, I begin another new year. I look back and I am thankful for all my good friends and my wonderful family. So I think I’ll “keep on truckin’”! Ah...better
make that “walkin’” after all that food!!

thought of the day: “Be yourself, everyone else it taken.”


Cindy said...

Happy birthday and many more. Birthdays are such a great opportunity to get together with people we care about, aren't they? I have a couple of girlfriends and we've been getting together for almost 20 years to celebrate each other's birthdays. We finally decided to celebrate at the same restaurant every time because I went to the wrong restauraunt twice!!!! And I'm not the oldest!!!

Mary Eileen said...

A very happy birthday to my new cyber-friend! It looks like you've been celebrating royally as well you should. Hope the pumpkin pie was delicious and I wish you a year filled with friends, fun, good health, and many blessings.