Monday, October 01, 2007

Day 5 & 6

Having said our goodbyes to Wanda and Don, we headed for “The Blue Ridge Parkway” in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The drive there was absolutely gorgeous, as tall leafy green trees lined both sides of the road. Then when we searched the summit the views were incredible and the air fresh, clean and crisp. We did not know what lay ahead, but we found a wonderful lodge, Big Meadow Lodge. The lodge had a great room with a large fireplace with an amazing view. There was also a restaurant and a basement bar called the “Tap Room”, where we heard a duo sing and play. We were able to get a cute little cabin to stay in. Taking hikes we saw deer close by, but no bears , though they are there.

As we needed to be in Arlington near the airport, the next day we drove back down the mountain. That evening, we met up with Linda’s daughter, Lindsay, who works at the Pentagon. She joined us for dinner, a nice final evening together.

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Mary Eileen said...

Beautiful scenery, wonderful accommodations—it looks like a fabulous trip!