Friday, October 19, 2007


Recently, I saw a photo of my late husband, gone almost 13 years. It looked like he was in his twenties, most likely before I knew him. We met when he was 23 and I was 21, and married two years later. Our son is almost 28 and I was surprised to see how closely they resembled each other. Christopher (son) on left and Bill (husband) on right.

thought of the day: "So life has a hill, get over it."


mary Eileen said...

Such handsome men and with such kind eyes! What a treasure to find that photo of your husband and see him reflected in your son.

Better yet, they were both lucky enough to share you!

Cindy said...

Your husband and son are both handsome men. In the picture you shared it looks like they could have been brothers. Amazing. My son looks so much like his dad it's uncanny. I love it. I think it shows roots!

Copyright 2007 by Carol Scibelli said...

Hey, Claudia,
Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I am rewriting and making them "deeper"...a true memoir of the first year of my widowhood...My agent is sending my proposal out to publishers now.
So good (in a way...)to know that after 13 years my experiences still resonate with you.
I love YOUR blog. It's so upbeat and real. Your son and husband are incredibly alike! So sweet looking. I really enjoy your quotes for the day. Where do you find those? Great.
I'm going to list your blog on
my favorites - hope you can do that for my "Poor Widow Me."
Let's stay in touch.