Friday, October 19, 2007


Who doesn’t like arts and crafts? It is always fun to look, get ideas, hear the music, eat the food, see people and sometimes make purchases.

So recently, friends and I headed over to Caldwell Park for the annual Fall Arts and Crafts Fair. Where, we did all of the above. Plus, it is also the annual Ducky Derby, when community members purchase rubber ducks (money goes to charity), and these rubber ducks are dropped into the Sacramento River, the first to cross the finish line is award the BIG prize of that particular year. (Of course, I’ve never won). We did however, get our photo taken with "THE DUCK".

Soon after, there was an annual local Art Studio Tour. This was especially fun as I knew several of the artists. Seeing all of their art work and their individual studios was so amazing! What talent we have here in Redding! To me it is unfathomable... how they do it. But, I guess some of us have to be the consumers. And yes, I did buy a lovely painting that a friend had done and I had desired for quite a while.

thought of the day: "Reality. TV. Two more reasons to read!"

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Mary Eileen said...

You must have the most wonderful friends and it seems like you are on the go a lot. What fun!!