Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ninth Grade Friends’ 42nd Reunion


This year we met at Linda’s in Sebastopol, CA. I came from northern CA and Lynette came all the way from Jamaica. Of course, first thing we did was to break open the wine and have a toast to our long friendship. Then came the presents, as we all turn 60 this year.

Of course, there was plenty of delicious food, silly photos, sight seeing, shopping, game playing and many wonderful walks. On Saturday, another high school friend came from the Sacramento area, to share the day with us. Ann was a very fun addition and we all had a great time checking out the quaint town of Sebastopol.

The next day, the three of us headed to the coast...only about one hour drive, but oh, so windy! On our way, we passed the “Children’s Bell Tower” made to honor, 7 year old Nicholas Green. He died in Italy and had his organs donated to save the lives of seven people. The next stop was Bodega Bay for a lunch of fish and chips and a Long Board Beer. The sea gulls were also looking for lunch.

Later, we found Timber Cove Lodge a perfect place to stay. What a view and what a room -- hot tub & white terry robes fireplace, couch and dining table in our room. We did some hiking before dinner to enjoy the ocean. After dinner and a lovely sunset, came a hot tub with wine and then to sleep. The next day after breakfast, we drove farther up the coast. Again we took a hike. I searched for heart shaped rocks. We also spotted a sand castle and sand alligator.

Back in Sebastopol, we did more relaxing, cooking, eating, drinking of wine, chatting and game playing. We also took walks, on a previous trip we had seen the famous metal sculptures, this time we visited the mosaic murals at the local high school.

Great time and now we are contemplating our next reunion. Perhaps overseas!

a thought for the gals: “Laugh and the world laughs with you, SNORE and you sleep alone.”

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