Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yes, it did happen!


I hit the BIG 6 0, that is turned 60 years old! But what a celebration we had! My girlfriend and her husband were also both turning 60, so we decided to have a party together! We got a banquet room at Market Street Steak House (where my son is a bartender) and had a buffet meal for several of our friends.

The room was decorated with “Maxine Cartoons” and birthday decorations. There were three lovely tables with wine for all, and we had access to a full bar.
We started out with an icebreaker game. Names of famous people from the “sixties” or turning 60, were taped on everyone's back. Each person then had to discover who they were, by asking yes or no questions. It was a riot! To top things off, after our delicious meal, we all put on our “Groucho Marx glasses” for some funny photos. We read our cards, and I must say...we have some very creative and funny friends!

My son, Chris and me

Patty an Claudia (birthday girls)

Gary the birthday guy!

thought for the day: "The one with the most birthdays...lives the longest!"

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