Friday, July 17, 2009

Photo Hunt ~ Weekly Theme: Rocks

Photo Hunt
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Weeky Theme: Rocks

Lovely rocks I bought in Texas.

Rocks in my garden, I like to
lots of rock stacks.

Table scape decoration with rocks.

I've started collecting heart rocks. My
sister sent me the one with words.

Rock and Roll...need I say more?


Lorna said...

Dave and I collect heart rocks too. We found some lovely ones last year in Nova Scotia---we'll be looking again on our Georgian Bay holiday

luna miranda said...

wow, you're quite a rock lover!:P

love the pebble-table decor and the rocks in your garden.

Anonymous said...

Wow..what a great series of rock photos.
Happy PH,
Cindy O

SnoopyTheGoon said...

A fine and inventive collection.

Have a great weekend!

Hootin' Anni said...

To be able to find 'heart shaped rocks' while out walking would be fantastic.

And your rock stack, rocks!! Love that.

My rocks are now posted. Won't you try to stop by to view my photos today? Have a great weekend.

Starnitesky said...

A great selection of rocks, I really like the heart rocks.

Willa said...

I love your heart rock collection,they are beautiful!

Deb said...

Not only are the pictures great, the rocks are incredible too! As I was scrolling down viewing the pics, on each one I thought it was my favorite until I got to the next one. I still can't decide. I love them all! :)