Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2009 Trip to Portland

This trip was very special, I am seeing my daughter's
special guy and her 1st home that she bought.

Jared and Alison

First night, we went to a wonderful live
jazz club. We had dinner and enjoyed
the Mel Brown Trio.

Poor photos, but great music!
Without music, life would B Flat!

Just us being silly.

Later that evening, we played scrabble and
they blew me away! Jared won!

Alison, her friend Jackie and I did
some Portland shopping.

Here are a few of the street sites.

Jackie and Alison

some street art

Sadie joined us and introduced me
to the wonderful world of
Sushi Go Round!

The sushi plates come around on
a conveyer b

Sadie and Jackie

Alison and Mom

At Sadie's mom's boathouse.
Lidia, Sadie, Shannon, Alison,
and Jared

Same group

Hanging out at the river!

Alison and Jared

Alison and Jared

Jumping off the roof...Alison did it
too, but I missed the shot.

Part of the remains of the day on the river!

Alison's 1st house!

The front porch & door.

The front of her house.

Gate to side yard

The living room (she has not yet
settled in or had time to arrange
furniture or decorate).

A window nook

The kitchen

Looking out the kitchen window

Another view of the kitchen

The bathroom


Office (not yet unpacked)
A clean house is a sign of a broken computer.

Suki, the cat, looking out the front door



Rose Garden

thought of the day: I do know all the answers, but I've been sworn to secrecy.

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