Tuesday, December 16, 2008

White Elephant Christmas Party

Yearly White Elephant Christmas Party

This is always fun...as you never know what you will get. There is always
much laughter. It starts off with an amazing pot luck meal and libations.
Then we draw numbers and take turns choosing gifts...never knowing
what we might choose. Once the gift is opened...someone else may choose
your gift when it is their turn. This allows for some hilarious moments!
If you get a really hideous gift, you can always recycle it next year!

Here Ned shows off his gift, photos of the
party host and hostess. Tree ornament?

Tim and Viv

Bill, Kathy, Dick and Mary

Patty and oinking pig gift!

Dick and Donna (chemo patient) compare bald heads!

Sally,Viv, Donna, Mary, Carolyn, Maggie,
Joey, Kathy, Patty, and Claudia

Sally, Viv, Donna, Mary and Carolyn

Bill, Dick and Tim

Ladies enjoy getting together.
Kathy, Joey, Donna, Claudia, Mary and Carolyn.
Just learning how to use my new camera. (Wait
a minute, I'm in that photo. Who took this one?)

Patty, Maggie and Joey

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Elaine said...

That sounds like such fun.

And one man's poison is another man's meat.