Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Texas ~~Yes, Madam!

My nephew got married in Dec. in his home town of Longview, Texas! Quite a lovely wedding and interesting experience for West Coast gals. (That is my older sister, my daughter and me.)

First, I’ll here are a few of the Texas sights we saw and were unaccustomed to.

Buffalo head on the wall in a store.

Gun toy

No explanation needed

A store with my daughter and my last name.
On December 21, 2008.
Paul, my nephew, married a wonderful, darling young lady, Charity. The following are a few shots of the shower, ceremony and reception.

Charity at bridal shower.

Charity taking a break between wedding photos.

At the ceremony

Charity with her new father-in-law, Tom.

My sister, Clover, with her son, Paul, the groom.

thought of the day: " Love is not marrying the one you can live with,
but marrying the one you can't live without."

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Elaine said...

What beautiful, happy photographs. Good to catch up with you again!