Thursday, December 04, 2008

"Only God Can Make a Tree"

"Only God Can Make a Tree"
From Poem by James Joyce

Although I do agree, I did spend the entire day "making" my Christmas tree. Actually, this year it did go a little quicker, as I have learn from previous years the following lessons:
1) the tree branches must each be fluffed and carefully place in the correct spot,
2) this the job in the daylight, as 'old' eyes do not match codes in the poor light,
3) do not attempt to assemble the tree while drinking the holiday drink of "egg nog and brandy".


Elaine said...

You certainly did - and it looks gorgeous! I could never cope with a job like that. My tree is about 2feet 6 inches and comes pre-lit. All I had to do was open the box and lift it out - and put the plug in the socket of course.

Jennifer H said...

Okay, so God and those of us with pre-lit trees. :-)

Mine is sitting in my living room, in sections, waiting for me to finish adjusting the bendy branches into something that looks like a tree. Wish me luck!

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TOM said...

That looks exactly like a real tree. Great job