Friday, June 27, 2008

Weekly Theme: Bright

This week in northern California there have been
extremely smokey skies due to the many lightning
started fires all around our area. So I'm glad that I
got these shot before.

Here I try to hold the sun in my hand.
The next two are nearing sunset.


Lynn said...

I like the idea of holding the sun with your hands. :)

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Nice shots.

Have a great weekend!

mimi11460 said...

bright idea of todays theme..see my entry..

Hootin' Anni said...

Excellent photos!!! The top photo is terrific!!!

I went with bright colors myself....hope you can stop by. Have a super great weekend.

MommyBa said...

Very pretty idea!!!

happy weekend!

Carver said...

Wonderful shots for the bright theme. Happy Saturday.

MyMaracas said...

What a wonderfully creative one, holding the sun in your hands. Lovely!

Thanks for stopping by at mined.

Rebecca said...

Pretty skies!