Sunday, June 29, 2008

SAX and the City

Wow! What a great weekend! Full of amazing saxophone music! Friday evening I went to the new “Club 49” jazz club in Anderson (just south of Redding). To kick things off there, they got a top headliner: saxophonist, Jules Broussard. He is known internationally and has been a stalwart of the San Francisco music scene for over 30 years. His entire ensemble was excellent and he had a wonderful singer with the group.

Saturday evening was a performance by one of my favorites: a Mount Shasta duo, Allison Scull and Victor Martin. She plays the guitar and sings and he plays the saxophone and sings. Theirs is kind of a “folk/jazz”...and their incredible blend produces songs to soothe your soul. They performed across the street from where my son, Chris works. Since he was just off work, he came with me and we had a good time together.

Sunday was especially fun, because it was a concert by young
people. The 13 member group is called the “Sundial Saxophones” directed by two local saxophone musicians. Very awe inspiring to hear what these young adults can do. They are accompanied up by professional rhythm musicians who volunteer their time. In addition, there were several guest performers (not sax players). The youngest was 13 on the piccolo and standing bass, his sister, 15 years old on the drums, a 16 year old on the piano and a young man (don’t know age) on the trumpet...all extremely talented! Oh, did I mention that two of these places served wine!

thought of the day: More wine...less whine!

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