Sunday, June 01, 2008

Big, Crazy Fun !

I started the weekend with my
friends at the opening of

the movie "Sex and the City"!

Ready for the show to begin.
The theater was full on only women!

Afterwards, of course, we had to go out for cosmopolitans.

Saturday was Redding's RELAY FOR LIFE,
the fight against cancer.

Below are decorated bras to remind women
to get their mammograms.

I left a luminary bag for my late husband.
Bags circle the entire track and the
candles inside are lit at at dark.
The glow is so awe inspiring, so is the 1st
morning lap done by cancer survivors.

Sunday, was the Taste of Redding!
The day could not have been more
beautiful. And I could not have eaten
another bite!

Very GOOD food and LOTS of it!

Wonderful music to add to our pleasure!

thought for the day: "When a clock is hungry it goes back four seconds".


LindseyinWA said...

Hi Claudia,

Love your pictures! What an exciting weekend!

I noticed that you are blogging about the fight against breast cancer. I am launching a web site that will help fund free mammograms for women who could not otherwise afford them. Would you consider posting a link on your page to this site:

If you are interested, please email me and I can send you a button to put on your page.


Sammawow said...

That looks like you had such a wonderful weekend!