Monday, May 05, 2008

Fun Times!

Last weekend, I flew to San Diego to my sister for her birthday.
We h
ad a wonderful weekend...some great meals, lots
f chatting and laughter!

The BEST part was the Michael Buble' concert we attended.
WOW! What an amazing
I'm a BIG fan and he did not disappoint.

Well, when I got home I was able to go to the
local Sunday night jazz concert!

John Gonzales on piano.

Bruce Calin on bass and Bernie Baker
on guitar.

Devin an incredible 16 year old on the keyboard.

thought of the day: "Without music life would B flat."


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Anonymous said...

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leslie said...

Haven't yet seen Michael Buble in concert, but he's Canadian, you know. Glad you had a good visit and are now back to play with me. *hee hee*