Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Taste of Redding

Yes, food and drink, but for me it was the music! What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The venue was the Civic Center (new City Hall) sculpture garden.
There were twenty seven food tents with samples. Also, a wine and beer area. Unfortunately, (or maybe as a Godsend) I lost my food ticket after only a few samples. The wine area was near the country music, so I opted to forget that and head directly to the jazz. What a pleasant time, great music, a beautiful day and with a gently cooling breeze and young girls could be seen dancing and twirling in their summer dresses on the lawn. Two of my favorite groups performed: Allison Skull and Victor Martin (I even met Allison’s twin sister, who was here celebrating their birthday) and Montuno Salad Latin Jazz, who kept us rocking!

As I wandered among the tents I saw a Charlie Chaplin character and a balloon man. There was a magician, but I missed seeing him. The area was full of interesting diverse sculpture and beautiful flowers. I did run into some friends of mine and some friends of Chris’. You Redding folks need to do this next year -- so much fun!

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