Sunday, June 03, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

As it was indeed Memorial Day (or the day chosen to celebrate it) I went to visit my late husband’s grave, he was a Viet Nam vet. Then I decided to head out to see the new National Cemetery which is near Redding. It was a long drive (I didn’t figure out the shorter way until coming home), but well worth it. The cemetery sits on the top of a hill with gorgeous green trees and surrounding hills which seem to touch the blue sky. It was an impressive and emotional sight as the numerous flags waved in the breeze. I thought of my father, grandfather, husband and all the brave men and women who are or have ever served in the military. The families of the fallen, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, loved ones and children. I hope someday that there will be no more wars in which to loose or maim our young, strong, bright people.
The day ended with a fun barbecue at Vicky and Ken's.

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