Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Aliens did it...

Well, it does make sense. On a hot Friday evening, four lovely RETIRED ladies headed over to the outdoor
Turtle Bay Cafe to enjoy some music and libation. Coincidentally, this particular evening was also the introduction to a new museum exhibit on
extraterrestrials. So, when the outdoors light show began we joined over 200 other people on the north side of the Sundial Bridge to watch. We carved out our spots on the lawn and breathlessly awaited the big show! What a huge disappointment! A third grader could have put on that light show, and the music could have been good, but it was poorly executed with lots of starts and stops. The sad thing was that some people were from out of town and had been expecting something special. However, on the way back across the bridge, due to the numerous people on it, we had (as Patty said) an “E” ride. It swayed so much that no one was able to walk straight, we were practically falling over. (And we’d only had one glass of wine). Anyway, the next morning I awoke to find my right rear tire flat! Therefore, it must have been the aliens! So goes life in Redding.

thought of the week:
Boldly going nowhere.

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