Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Autumn of My Life

Closets and drawers!

So the rain continues! And therefore, how many closets and drawers can one retired person clean before going totally "nucking futts"? In one way, it feels freeing to throw away and clean out. However, what happens to the things removed, but still wanted? Ok, my stuff first ends up in the hallway, then moves to the garage (which is always in motion: things out, things in).
So now I have stuff in the hall to put somewhere, stuff in the garage to put somewhere, still stuff on the floor to make a final decision about, not to mention spring-summer clothes to trade with fall-winter clothes. This is not fun!

1 comment:

Viv said...

I've enjoyed your blog entries. I can't wait to declutter my life.
Love, V.T.